Banderwrap- 3” core flush cut

Narrow width film flush cut on a traditional three inch core. Stretch film will not leave adhesive residue or tear labels. It's better than tape. Each case comes with 1 Plastic dispenser. Available in a range of gauges and widths.

Polybander- 1” core extended handle

Narrow width film on a lightweight 1” extended handle makes the roll very easy to use. Our blended film provides extra holding power without “necking” down. Available in a range of gauges and widths.


Readywrap- Patented dispenser for comfort & ease
One-inch dispenser is light and ergonomically balanced to fit easily in the hand. Comfort-grip foam handles does not turn with film. Roll changes are simple and fast. Available in a range of gauges and widths.

Readywrap delux -patented dispenser
Our latest and best design to date. One inch dispenser with full length ergonomic blue foam handle. The patented design allows easy application of tension to the film while maintaining all of the benefits of our traditional Readywrap dispenser.

Ergowrap- Patented dispensers with built in tension adjusters
Automatic, constant tension control replaces all other hand stretch wrap dispenser uses high-strength film that is perfect for bundling small packages, wrapping tops of pallets and securely wrapping irregular shaped packages