Merchandise/Pro shop bags
Put your logo on a bag! Create name recognition and promote goodwill like other well known successful clubs. All sizes styles and colors available. 

Mesh Laundry Bags
High quality bags. Our unique mesh fabric is long lasting, durable and soft to the touch. Drawstring and slide lock closure device is simple to use. Rubber closure and zipper closure bags are also available. Each bag has a canvas patch for easy identification. 

Laundry loops
A convenient system to manage laundry for teams. Athletics thread their clothes through the laundry loop and secure socks with a barrel lock sock snare. No bags or pins necessary.

Laundry Carts
Heavy-duty 8 bushel laundry cart. All welded steel constriction. Durable vinyl/nylon laminate liner can be easily cleaned and resists mildew growth. Fire retardant. 

Laundry pins
Available in brass- nickel construction or stainless steel. Can be numbered for easy identification.

Our plush, cotton terry cloth towels are long-lasting and easy –care machine washable. Budget priced, top quality. Shipped compressed-simple to fluff. Stock towels are white. Please call for a quote on colored towels. Imported and domestic available.

Shower Curtains
Our industrial-strength shower curtains are long-lasting, machine washable, antibacterial and mildew resistant. Available in white and champagne (10 gauge and 6 gauge), light green, blue, yellow, apricot and spearmint (6 gauge only)